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• Membership fee of $75.00 for a single person (Renewal is $39.99 annually thereafter), $150.00 for families (Renewal is $74.99 annually thereafter) and $300.00 for companies/organizations (Renewal is $99.99 annually thereafter). All memberships come with 2 complimentary errands included and must be redeemed within the first 3 months of service but must not exceed (2) hours each.

• A onetime initial member “Errand Profile Assessment” (EPA) consultation is included in membership fee. This assessment is done by email and over the phone but must be completed in person to ensure the identity of each member. (Most take about 20-25 minutes) profile changes or updates could result in an additional $25.00.  

• Errand/concierge services that can be completed by one person are $29.99 per hour with one (2) hour minimum. Those errands that may exceed two (2) hour will result in the member being billed in 15-minute increments

• All errand/concierge services that require evening, weekend and holiday fulfillment will be billed at $50.00 per hour with one (1) hour minimum. This only applies for members without a time/money saver package. Keep in mind the 15-minute increment start once you exceed the one (1) hour mark. 

• Rates and Fees do not include cost of your purchases. 

• All services that are within a 19 mile radius will be cover in the time/money saver packages. However, a fuel charge of $6.00 will be assessed if any service exceeds 20 miles from start of errand(s) to completion and will continue at $6.00 per 20 miles thereafter. (Ex: 40 miles = $12.00)

• Time/ Money Saver Packages: 10 Hour = $250.00, 20 Hour = $500.00, 30 Hour = $750.00. If service are needed outside of normal business hours during a time/money saver package, time will be deducted at x’s 2, and not billed at $29.99 an hour (i.e. 1 hr = 2 hrs deducted). Gift wrapping is not included in time packages. All time packages include fuel. (No fuel charge will be added)

• Errands On Us, realizes that members’ might require other time/money saver packages so we designed them according to the needs of each member and they are recommended according to the EPA. However, the 10 hour package is our lowest time package available. 

• $35.00 returned check fee is asserted against your account and may result in a break in membership (Checks are accepted but must clear (1) week prior to services being rendered)

•Hours including time/money saver packages will not expire for six (3) months from date of purchase and cannot be transferred to other months or other members.

•Only time packages include fuel.

• Members who take advantage of the Time Packages on a continuous basis will receive a specialty discount. Please inquiry about discounts offered to Seniors, Veterans, Educators, Law Enforcement Personnel, Medical Personnel and those with physical disabilities.


​•All service fees are to be paid in advance.  

• To cover your cost of purchase you can establish a Purchase Expense Account/Escrow 

• We accept the following payment methods currently: check, money order, cash, and credit/debit. Please make checks and money orders payable to: Errands On Us LLC, 5665 Atlanta Hwy Suite 102b-510 Alpharetta, GA 30004 

Terms and Conditions

• A 24-hour notice for all Errand/Concierge services has to be provided to Errands On Us. Call in to check for same day /on call service availability. Please see Rates and Fees for pricing.

• Illegal and /or Unethical requests for services will not be granted.

• Deliveries of hazmat such as chemicals, biochemical and illegal substances will not be granted

• 24-hour notice is required for any/all cancellation of services. Cancellations of services without a 24-hour notice will result in a $35.00 courtesy fee. Cancel codes are assigned and we will send an email to confirm service cancellation.

Rates and Fees for Errand and Concierge Services

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