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​Errands On Us cares most about providing quality concierge services of Atlanta in a timely fashion, and aims to please every member. We design our service plans for each members individuals needs. An Errand Profile Assessment is done to acquire need to know information about our members and is updated as needed. The assessment can be done by email or phone but must be completed in person to insure the identity of each member. No background check is done on our members because we feel all members should maintain control of their own identity and we trust that the information provided is true to the best of each member’s knowledge and/or belief.

Our errand runners and other staff are trained in member service through seminars and classes designed to give them experience to provide top of the line care. All of our stall members go through hands on orientation period as well.

About our Professional Errand Runners

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​We conduct random background checks and drug test to ensure the quality of service that is provided to all of our members. Errands On Us is a bonded and insured errand service in Atlanta in order to protect our members’ investment.

Errands On Us serves Metro Atlanta and many surrounding areas, extending southern hospitality while treating every member like family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services offers membership with a personal touch. 

Errands On Us helps relieve stress for our members by reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed. We believe most of life’s moments are spent on a day to day with little time to enjoy living and that everyone should take a pause in this lifetime to enjoy the wonders of life. The big blue sky and oceans represent two of the many natural mysteries in life. Giving our members time to explore life by putting their Errands On Us allows them opportunity to delight in life, so they really know what living is all about. Errands On Us delights in making life easier for our members and look forward to servicing them and welcoming new members for years to come. Remember we are here to help by allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy by eliminating your to do list.
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